Although most accounting firms offer similar types of services, they often are, in fact, very dissimilar in terms of such important factors, such as quality, reliability, and value. Such differences stem generally from underlying differences in philosophy, business approach and the shared values, or cultures, of each firm.

Darmawan & Hendang (D&H) places strong emphasis on understanding its clients and their businesses and financial risks. D&H is capitalizing on its strengths for the benefit of its clients and therefore exceed their expectations. These strengths include:

  • Understanding of its clients' businesses
  • Ability to provide high quality services on personal basis; and
  • Ability to improve the efficiency of its clients operations and create alternative solutions for their problem solving and decision-making processes.

D&H delivers creative and practical services to its clients through highly trained, skilled and motivated professionals, continual investment in leading edge technology and rigorous standards and procedures. D&H is a member of AGN International Ltd., a worldwide association of separate and independent accounting, tax and consulting firms serving clients throughout the world. With principal executive office in London, United Kingdom, AGN International is comprised of leading accounting, tax and business consulting firms in over ninety countries around the world.

Member firms of AGN International assist clients in meeting the challenges posed both by successful domestic and cross-borders ventures. These firms advise clients on diverse financial and tax regulations governing local, national and international businesses. Through AGN International, clients tap a world network of professional knowledge.